Devices or Apps that Can Connect with Walker Tracker

Below is the list of devices and apps that either connect directly to Walker Tracker from the device user's account or that are known to be able to send steps to an application that is compatible with Walker Tracker (e.g Google Fit and Apple Health)

Wearable Devices
  •     Fitbit
  •     Garmin
  •     Polar
  •     Apple Watch paired via Apple Health

All of the following watches and Apps may also be able to send steps to Walker Tracker via Google Fit

  •     Sony SmartWatch 3 
  •     Asus ZenWatch 2
  •     LG Watch Urbane
  •     Moto 360 Sport. 
  •     Moto 360 (2015) 
  •     Fossil Q Founder
  •     Tag Heuer Connected
  •     Strava



If you don't have a wearable device, your Smartphone may be able to serve as your tracking device instead, using one of the following applications configured to use your phone's built in motion sensors:

  •     Apple Health- iOS only
  •     Google Fit - Android
  •     Fitbit Mobile Track - iOS, Android, and Windows

Device/App Not Listed?

If you don't see your device's provider or app listed, then at this time we do not have the option to connect that device/app directly to your Walker Tracker account. However, one of the apps mentioned above may be able to receive steps from your device or other tracking application.

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