How Syncing Works with Walker Tracker

If you have not yet synced your device, follow the guide relevant to your model:

If you have synced your device, but you notice that your steps are not syncing to your Walker Tracker account, keep the following things in mind:

  1. We do not sync directly from your device. Rather, we pull in steps from your device's account. 
  2. Because we pull steps in from your device's account that means that you need to sync regularly with your device's app or USB dongle and those steps must be showing on your device's account website (e.g.,, etc.) before they are sent to Walker Tracker.
  3. There is a chain that your steps go through to get into your Walker Tracker account. It goes something like this:
  4. We do not bring in data prior to the day that you register for an account with Walker Tracker or prior to your program's start date.   
  5. It is best to make sure that you sync regularly throughout the day. This way your Walker Tracker account can stay current with your steps. If you wait to sync for several days it can take longer than usual for steps to come into your Walker Tracker account. Essentially, you'll have more data to come over which can take more time.  

Sometimes there can be delays if one of these parts encounters an issue in relaying your step information to another. It takes about 20 minutes for data to update to Walker Tracker from your wireless pedometer's account normally.

NOTE: Not all devices share their data as frequently as others with our API provider. This means that it can take up to 24 hours for your steps to come over from your device's account to your Walker Tracker account.

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